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Spyware IT - 2019 Testimonials

Here are a selection of unsolicited testimonials received so far during 2019:

Wanted to thank you for creating this program. I used your Spyware IT program and it found over 2000 pieces of spyware on my computer. Yet when I used the Microsoft Windows Defender, it didn't even find one piece of spyware. I contacted Microsoft and they informed me it was a bug that would be fixed within a month. I'm glad I don't have to wait!!
- Isfahan Kupar, Gordonsville, VA

My brother was the victim of identity theft three years ago, before people even started hearing about it. I'm just writing to say thank you for your support in getting the software installed. It does make me feel much better!
- Celeste Barrier, Porters Lake, NS

This isn't a question, just a message to thank you. Remember the old Jerry Orbach ads? I realize now how important protection really is. I feel much safer and I've now installed the firewall and virus tools with your help. Thank you to your support team.
- Maria J. Rumm, Elmhurst, NY

THANK YOU!!!!!! My flat mate was recently ripped off by an Internet identity thief. We both share the same Internet connection, but I used Spyware IT. I'm positive that the only reason I'm still safe is because of using your software. I never write to say thank you, but WOW... it was close, almost me. Could have lost thousands. Thank you!!!!!!!
- David Hobson, Eastham, Wirral, UK

I live in the United Kingdom and want to thank you for putting together your Identity Theft guide. I was worried it was going to be US-specific, but you've covered everything for both the US and UK. I'm writing to let you know that's appreciated, from both sides of the pond.
- Michael Downer, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK

I'm not writing with a question, but just to say that I *almost* bought a subscription to one of the Norton spyware tools. Do you know how much they charge for an annual subscription?? I was scared, not of identity theft, but of their prices. I'm so pleased I found you. Thank you for subsidizing individuals like me and helping to protect computers around the world.
- Sharon Goss, Reading, UK

Also, you can pass this onto your manager - I really like your program and recommend it to all my friends. I keep seeing spyware (and Identity Theft) on the news, in the daily papers, and in commercials. It's great to know things are in order. Thank you for your friendly answers and for being so patient with me, please tell your manager!!
- Amy Clarke, Normal, IL

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